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HMI Hannover 2017

Trade fair concept ⎮ Show⎮ Guerilla action

Client / 

Schindler Digital Group Ltd.



Messekonzept, Standdesign, Konzeption, Visual Experience, Content, Technik, Projektleitung



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Why does a lift have to go to the Internet?
The globally active lift brand Schindler has chosen Hannover Messe 2017 as the platform to present its latest product generation to the public. A lift also belongs on the Internet today.

How do you present the topic of digitalization without overwhelming the visitors?  An important aspect in the concept development was the topic "Internet of Things". Everyone has heard about the term, but do you really understand it? There are still inhibitions to ask questions about the topic. This is exactly why these obvious questions were the core element of the concept.


Projekt gewann den XAVER Award 2018 in der Kategorie "Best Expo Project"